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New research raises concerns about PFAS chemicals in Maine fish

Maine is considering stricter standards that could trigger consumption advisories for PFAS in some of the state’s freshwater fish, while scientists continue to gather data on potential health impacts of the chemicals in shellfish.

Black-owned business
Claude Rwaganje, executive director of ProsperityME.
(The Maine Monitor/ Hannah Rafkin)

With a lack of direct data collecetion on business ownership by race in Maine, I analyzed US census microdata which showed a disparity in self employment earnings between black and white businesses owners in Maine that is higher than the national average.

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Wastewater violations
(The Republican Journal/ Jordan Andrews)

In this 2014 investigation and in-depth look into the Maine Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, I tested the wastewater discharge at licensed wastewater outfalls and found violations, resulting in enforcement actions by the Department of Environ-mental Protection against a Belfast potato processing plant.

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Cement kiln dust saga
(The Republican Journal/ Jordan Andrews)

An investigation into the DEP’s attempts to regulate Dragon Cement’s massive waste cement kiln dust piles that the company claimed would be recycled. The DEP determined this would take “centuries”and that the piles should be closed as landfills, but the company says it can recycle the dust faster.

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Bates claims innocence of 1994 rape-murder
Foster Bates (The Maine Monitor/ Gabe Souza)

Evidence of Innocence?Procedural hurdles have been preventing courts from considering new witness statements about the night of the murder.
Judge orders evidentiary hearing for Bates, opening ‘actual innocence’ gateway in Maine


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