Corrections Reporting

Maine State Prison Special Operations Group (Source: Maine DOC)

Prisoners protest solitary confinement by another name with hunger strike

Dismantling Supermax: In major shift in Maine’s correctional philosophy, former isolation unit becomes space of trust and community .

2019-2021 Investigation into the Prison disciplinary policies and practices:

At The Free Press: Part 1 Blindspots in Oversight (page 1,8-9) | Part 2 Management or Punishment? |Part 3 on targeting of outspoken prisoners

At The Portland Phoenix (2019): Prison or Profit Center: High fines for old disciplinary violations still being paid by inmates’ families

Maine prison inmates join effort to produce COVID-19 protective equipment

First inmate to enroll in graduate school conducts groundbreaking research in prison

Maine State Prison inmate seeks commutation to attend university

Victim supports inmate scholar’s bid for clemency

Governor denies clemency for groundbreaking inmate scholar

New tactical team patrolling prison raises concerns | pdf

Lawsuit: Inmate alleges assault by guard with loaded weapon | pdf

Special Operations Group officers no longer carry guns in prison | pdf

DOC groping for alternatives after ditching X-ray body scanners | pdf

Climbing the ladder at Maine State Prison | pdf