Municipal Reporting

Find links below to some of my municipal reporting for The Portland Phoenix and The Republican Journal.

Portland Phoenix:

Portland’s mobile medics reduce pressure on 911 system

Portland school board poised to pull police officers from schools

Developer wants the Old Port to grow up

Bad timing for Portland’s pension bond balloon payments

Black Lives Matter protesters arrested in Portland tell their stories

School closings affect many aspects of life for Portland students

Munjoy Hill Historic District proposal has supporters, but questions remain | A nonresident on Portland’s Historic Preservation Board?

Dog owners bark about compromise leash law for Portland’s Baxter Woods

Portland reaffirms commitment to fight human trafficking

Redevelopment plan opens old wounds in Bayside

The Republican Journal:

After some hesitation, police chief prepares to equip officers with Narcan

2016 election/referendum result maps

Belfast celebrates its first ‘Indigenous Peoples Day’

Waldo County police receive surplus military equipment, but weapons are not worth the trouble

City works to expand general assistance while state aims to reduce it

Belfast to consider municipally owned broadband